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With any website, you should consider maintenance. If you are technically able, then you can be taught how to maintain the site yourself. Or we can maintain the site on your behalf. You can choose a maintenance agreement for a known annual charge. Or you opt for maintenance on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Maintenance is particularly important for content managed sites such as WordPress and Joomla. There is no avoiding the fact that although excellent choices, content management systems they are a magnet for troublemakers. We take measures to protect the site, but it’s essential that you keep up to date with the latest versions of software.

DIY Sites

If you have decided to develop your own website but would like some assistance, then you might want to take advantage of our coaching service. Our success depends on our reputation for giving commonsense, no frills advice.We can help you to get over that final hurdle to make your site robust, register your site with search engines and complete the bits and pieces that you might have overlooked. Or perhaps you would just like a review of your work to give you confidence moving forward.Alternatively, if you no longer have contact with your original developer then perhaps we can help? Get in touch.

Bilingual websites

We build bilingual websites, and work with qualified English:Welsh translators for professional translations. If you are a Welsh speaking business, we believe you should use thisĀ  to your advantage. A bilingual site will give you the edge over some of your competitors. Going bilingual does not double the cost of the site!

Even if you are not Welsh speaking, if your business is likely to be working with public sector bodies, national organisations, or seeking funding assistance from the public sector, a bilingual site may well be to your advantage.

A Case Study

Following a WordPress update, the website template for Mind in Aberystwyth had broken. Head Office were unable to help, as the original template designers were out of contract. The local group contacted us and we were happy to help:

  • reinstated template with the original corporate design
  • reorganised site to provide separate password protected staff and directors’ areas
  • brought WordPress up to date
  • installed WordPress Multilingual so that when they are ready they can start to implement bilingual pages
  • Put in place a support agreement so that if in the future another problem arises, they already have an hourly rate and someone to call.
If you have a broken website, don’t despair. If we can’t help, we’ll try to identify someone who can.
Mind Aberystwyth

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